October 02, 2016

New Program Training For Men Starts October 17!

Introducing Sky's newly created body transformation program for men...this is /karv/.

What man doesn't want to be in shape, be fit, be lean, be strong and be a part of a group that supports him and helps him feel at home? Let's face it you spend hours at work and at home, but what about taking time for your health? In this stage of life, every man wants to have satisfaction in the way their body looks, and to feel like they are 20-something again.

At Sky we pride ourselves on having a program for everyone and that includes the men! If you're a guy who wants to get leaner, eat smarter, be more muscular, more flexible and get stronger, then Sky's newly created /karv/ program is the program for you. First and foremost, this is not a body building program or a program that will throw you in a group of millennials attached to their iPhones. /karv/ is a functional strength and conditioning program designed specifically to transform the male physique.

Key Aspects of /karv/
• Designed to lower body fat to add definition, so say goodbye to those "dad bods"
• Improve muscularity
• Increase energy
• 5 Week Program
• 4 Training Sessions per week (3 with a Private Trainer, 1 to complete on your own)
• Customized meal plan

/karv/ participants will train together, build friendships and hold each other accountable in a lively, welcoming and friendly environment under the masterful guidance of the Sky Private Trainer.

/karv/ meets at each Sky location beginning October 17th. For training times and sign up, click here.

Jared Meacham, Ph.D. | Fitness Services Director