September 16, 2016

Success with Stephens: Lynn's Story

I started working out with Danny Stephens in April 2016 following a trip to the Bill Phillips Transformation Camp. In that time I have already lost 18 pounds and one size and 36 pounds overall since I began this journey in November 2015. With the success I've made at Sky and with Danny, I have now set a goal of losing an additional 60 pounds by July 1, 2017.

I have found my workout sessions with Danny to be both challenging and rewarding at the same time. He pushes me in during each session to maximize my results. He tailors my workouts to my specific needs, which is how I have been able to be so successful in this endeavor. The best part of my day is the end of my workout sessions. I feel better, stronger and happier with every workout.

In addition, Danny and I have collaborated on a meal plan that suits my nutritional needs. Danny has helped me make a lifestyle change in a few short months that has dramatically changed my life.

Lynn Jacobsen