September 16, 2016

Private Training: Why It's More Than A Workout

"I don't need a trainer because I already know how to workout." It's a common statement made by populations around the world and it's very common to hear this inside the walls of a fitness center. I'm not writing to agree, nor disagree with that notion, although I do believe everyone benefits from being paired with the right fitness professional. After all, there's a reason that even the best athletes and celebrities on planet Earth have trainers and coaches guiding their process even though they know how to workout too.

What I want to discuss right now isn't really about the workout although that is an important part of the personal training process. What I want to focus on are the intangibles, the little things, the difference-makers, the things that change lives and improve lifestyles. So let's dig in to the things we don't see that personal training clients receive that others simply don't.

A Constant Source of Accountability
We're all motivated at some point during the day, but not at every moment. If you've ever been working out, eating clean and "getting fit" then looked up a few weeks later only to find you're gaining weight again, feeling terrible and are generally unmotivated then you know exactly why a quality personal training experience would benefit a client. If you've ever said that you're "getting back into it" or "I'm starting over on Monday" than you already know that it's easy to workout and eat right when we're motivated; but what about when the kids get sick, the job starts to get stressful and the social obligations of the holidays get to be too much for your willpower to handle? It only takes one unexpected and momentary lapse in accountability to send months of hard work and effort sliding backward. Times like these are when personal training is most valuable.

A quality fitness professional is going to motivated, push, pull and drag you through the tough times so that you can get past it and back into a mindset that is healthy a fulfilling. It's situations like this that add up over time to produce lifestyle changes that build your self-esteem, your confidence and provide the greatest benefit to the wellbeing of an individual. Accountability is priceless and while workouts are great, no amount of exercise knowledge or understanding is going to overcome the possible outcomes associated with staying on track with your entire fitness process regardless of the obstacles life puts in your path.

A True and Honest Approach to Lifestyle Development
A great trainer is going to do more than provide great workouts. They're also going to ensure that you remain aware and focused on the key aspects of your fitness process that matter most. Maybe you don't like stretching and doing cardio, but your goals indicate that these are important. A quality trainer is going to create ways to ensure these things get done in a way where you can appreciate the process and get it done. Great trainers find ways to make you a winner regardless of circumstance!

Do you have moments where life seems so overwhelming that you just don't seem to have time for anything but putting out the fires that pop up in your day? Your trainer is going to talk you down, calm you, help you get focused and help you put things in perspective so that you can still accomplish the things that will benefit you most while helping you reduce stress and create peace of mind as you set about overcoming the challenges your hectic life presents. No amount of exercise experience is going to provide you with this type of support when you need it most.

Their Primary Goal is to Help You be Successful
What other person in your life is determined to help you maximize your success? Who else is sitting up at night creating strategies to help you win? Great trainers find ways to help their clients be successful and that has so much more to do with psychology and emotional balance than it has to do with any number of workouts. Trainers give you the tools, the challenge and the strategy to improve your body and with that comes the empowerment, energy and motivation to improve in other areas of life as well. When your training program is working and you are energized, motivated and earning daily wins in your fitness process, that enthusiasm and motivation carries over to your work and your relationships. The investment in personal training isn't an investment in workouts alone, it's an investment in energizing and bettering your life!

Working out, lifting, cardio, stretching, eating right, they're all part of the fitness process and they're immensely important. If you're already doing many of these things but still struggling to stay consistent, finding it tough to stay motivated, and are finding your days away from the Sky becoming more and more frequent, I encourage you to think about the little things that would make the most difference in your life and I invite you to consider training with a fitness professional at Sky. We make it so simple to get started because we provide complimentary sessions just to help you get a feel for what a training experience may be like. Ask a Sky team member about "Connect" sessions so that you can experience training first hand. Chances are you already have some Connect sessions on your account and may not even realize it. Use them! You'll be glad you did. And please remember this: at Sky we understand that your fitness process and your wellbeing matter to you. It's important to know that you and the experience you have at Sky matter to us and we hope you'll give us the opportunity to work with you to make everything you do more rewarding and more fun.

In Health,
Jared Meacham, Ph.D. | Fitness Services Director