All fitness levels are welcome, and groups will be a max participation of 18 people. Any person that is looking for a high-intensity interval workout intended to push them to the outer limits in invited to join Hurricane. Trainers will ensure that you are pushing your body and your mind outside your comfort zone while also made to feel comfortable in a close quarter environment. Hurricane sessions are intense, instructive, and interactive designed to push you to your outer limits.


Hurricane is intense team-training implementing Sky’s proprietary Hurricane circuits that are sure to push you beyond what you thought you could accomplish by yourself. Each session is 45 minutes of team-oriented interval exercise warranting optimal physical and mental results. Each session is low cost and trainer-led. Hurricane is an effective option for anyone looking for a last minute program to get them ready for the 4th of July weekend!


Hurricane Participants must choose either the AM option and attend the Tuesday/Friday sessions, or the PM option and attend the Monday/Thursday sessions. See dates and times below.  




WHAT TO Expect

  • Hurricane is an intense HIIT circuit-style type program containing 6 different stations set up in a circular fashion with movements ranging from isometric to highly explosive
  • 45 minute workouts make it simple to fit into a busy schedule
  • 6 Sessions over 3 weeks
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