Holiday HIIT is the perfect program to jumpstart your fitness routine and beat the sluggish physique we often encounter during the holiday season. This three-week, High Intensity Interval Training program is structured to help you burn calories, boost metabolism, and create lean muscle, while utilizing SkyPulse—Sky's heart-rate technology system. Pricing tiers include just the program cost if you already have your MyZone belt and cost of program with special belt discount. No excuses! Unwrap your potential! 

Holiday HIIT Benefits

  • Get maximal results in minimal time during the holidays

  • Two sessions a week guarantee you stay on track

  • Wrap-up 2018 in better shape than ever

  • Start 2019 off right with Holiday HIIT

  • Precision training, maximal results using SkyPULSE heart rate zone monitoring

  • Train hard, train smart using the SkyPULSE heart rate monitoring system