Motivation, accountability and expert instruction are the calling cards of Sky’s Private Training program. First we will help you connect with your ideal fitness professional, then your Sky Private Trainer will expertly guide your fitness process to any degree that you request.


Whether you want a data-driven, comprehensive fitness program or simply to have a great workout and sense of accomplishment, Sky provides the skilled talent and the menu of fitness training options to meet any need, any goal, any budget.


Pricing below reflects standard pricing for Sky Private Trainers.  For session pricing with a Sky Elite Private Trainer, please contact the trainer directly

Private 1 on 1: Single Session

$74 (1 session)

Private 1 on 1: Twenty Sessions

$67 per session

Small Group: Eight Sessions

$37 Per Session

Small Group: Twenty Sessions

$34 Per Session

Our Trainers

Sky’s training team provides the professional latitude and the programming depth to guarantee that we have the right trainer for you.


Do you need hard driving, intense and energized training? We have the professionals for you. Maybe you prefer a helping hand that is there to listen, teach and guide you every step of the way? You’ve come to the right place! Have you been training for a long time, but needing something specialized to take your training to the next level? Step right up, we have you covered. Are you new to training, a little intimidated but newly motivated to make some changes in your body and lifestyle? Welcome! We have professionals who are eager to make you comfortable and help you get started.


From weight loss and nutrition planning to high intensity training, first-time exerciser training and physique transformation, post-rehab and many diverse specialized training approaches, Sky has the trainer for you.

Meet Our Trainers




Ready to up your training? Sky Private Trainers are Nationally Certified, and here to help. Fill out the form below to start your journey to a happier, healthier you.