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Afterburn is four weeks of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) designed to rev up your metabolism, torch calories, burn fat, and build muscle. You'll go through bouts of intense activity, like sprints, followed by periods of less-intense active recovery or complete rest. The benefit of this HIIT workout is your body's ability to stay in fat-burning mode long after your workout is finished, known as the "Afterburn Effect." You'll leave with the satisfaction of completing an intense workout session, and will reap the rewards of the hour-long workout. 


  • 12 Group Training Sessions with a nationally certified Trainer
  • Skill Development Workouts To Complete On Your Own each week
  • MyZone Belt Discounts with Program


The member rate is $288 plus tax, and the non-member rate is $345 plus tax. 




SkyPulse, with MyZone technology, works directly with Afterburn programming in each Sky facility. Myzone is an innovative wearable heart rate based system that uses wireless and cloud technology to accurately and conveniently monitor physical activity. 


MyZone monitors heart rate, calories, and time was exercising that convert into Myzone Effort Points (MEPs), with a focus on rewarding effort rather than fitness. Trainers can also help motivate you by viewing your percent effort. It is not required for participants to have a MyZone belt; however, their experience throughout the program is increasingly personalized due to the subjective nature of heart rate monitoring.


Afterburn participants receive a discount if they purchase a belt with the program.



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A few "frequently asked questions"

AFTERBURN is a small group training program designed to allow everyone to train with the proven most highly effective fat loss and cardio improving style of exercise. This High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) program is developed to help you improve body composition, cardio endurance, and maximize calorie burn.

This program is for everyone. The interval aspect of the program can be adjusted by the trainer leading your group to fit your current level of fitness. That’s what is great about group training; everyone can work hard regardless of their fitness level. We do encourage you to let us know about any physical limitations you may have upfront; our trainers can adjust the exercises to fit your capabilities in most cases. If you’re still unsure if it’s right for you, schedule a Connect Session before you sign up to meet with one of our Private Trainers.

HIIT is a style of training that balances periods of high intensity(difficulty) with periods of low intensity for recovery, like sprinting & walking. Training with this method has been shown to improve cardio endurance, decrease body fat, and increase the strength and power output of muscles.

Definitely! Take a look at our group class schedule at each location for Sneak Peek classes led by one of our trainers who will be running this program or ask one of our Sky Team Members to tell you more about the program. Spots are limited, so don’t wait to sign up!

Not at all! This program is designed to help anyone improve cardio endurance, maximize calorie burn, and dial in their fitness no matter their current fitness ability.

Talk with a Membership Concierge or Fitness Manager at any Sky location to help you determine the right trainer for you. You can even contact your Home Sky location via email.

We try to provide a wide variety of options. You can see all the available days and times in the registration below. 

SkyPulse is our real-time monitoring heart rate system powered by MyZone technology. AFTERBURN requires its participants to wear the belts as it allows the trainers to know if you are exercising at the proper level for your current fitness level. Utilizing the SkyPulse system elevates your workout experience by enabling tracking of the most critical metrics and showing your progress and results in real-time. You can learn more on our SkyPulse page.

We highly encourage that you do! We’re offering our best voucher for a MyZone belt through the SkyPulse page through the first week of Afterburn. Clicking one of the BUY MYZONE buttons will take you to the shopping cart with the voucher already applied. If you want to boost your results and get the best experience, we highly recommend getting one.

AFTERBURN is a program that will push you to your limits and then help you set some new goals. Your trainer will make sure you’re supported the whole way and help you squeeze every ounce of fitness training out of this 4-week program.

We’d love to clear those up for you. Come in talk with any Team Member, call your Home Sky location, or even submit a contact us form, and we’ll make sure whatever is on your mind gets answered.