Connect Session

What ARE Connect sessionS?

What is are Connect session?

3 Complimentary sessions with a Private Trainer to put you on the path to success. 

  • Connect Jumpstart
  • Connect Training
  • Connect Pilates

Choose one or choose all three!


Why Connect is right for you?

Sky members can expect the following from their Connect sessions; knowledge, comfort, purpose and direction. 


Your Connect trainer will educate you on how to perform essential movements that will give you maximum results for your time working out. Not only will you come away understanding how to utilize the Sky facility to its highest potential, but also, you'll feel completely at home navigating our many studios and training areas. And, if a specific training modality or goal attainment is what you are looking for, your Connect session can provide you with a game plan of achievement for these.  


Your Connect Options:


Connect Jumpstart is designed to help you outline your goals, get acquainted with Sky, and receive a workout tailored to your preferences.  

In this 60-minute session, you are the center of attention! In the first 20 minutes, your Private Trainer will inquire about your fitness & nutrition goals.  Based on your feedback, he/she will also help you identify any obstacles that might lie ahead. From there, your trainer will make expert exercise recommendations to incorporate into your fitness routine. Next, you’ll complete a 30-minute workout and familiarize yourself with our equipment. Your Private Trainer will end the session by answering any questions to ensure that you’re confident and comfortable at Sky. You’ll also walk away with a Balanced Life Plan – a four-week road map for your fitness journey that includes workouts and established principals for healthy eating.

Connect Training 

If you’re interested in Private Training, or you’re just looking for an intense workout, we encourage you to start here. We will recommend a trainer that will complement your workout style and accommodate your schedule. When it’s time for your session, come ready to work out! After about 10 minutes of discussion and a brief assessment, you’ll hit the ground running! To finish, you’ll set personalized nutrition goals and your Private Trainer will send you on your way with a Balanced Life Plan: a four-week road map for your fitness journey that includes workouts and established principals for healthy eating.

Connect Pilates

Strengthen your torso, correct muscle imbalances, align your spine and redefine your body with Sky Pilates. Sky will pair you with one of our nationally-certified Pilates instructors for a customized workout aimed at introducing you to the practice of Pilates and the reformer. This session will last approximately 60 minutes.

So what's next?

Have a question about Connect?  Ready to get scheduled? Simply fill out the information below and we will reach out to you quickly to help.