Who We Are

Our Mission: It Steers Our Energy.

At every interaction, on every day, we go out of our way to provide an exceptional experience for every member.


Our mission, vision, and beliefs all share a common focus: to “Wow” our members. We want to surprise, thrill and inspire our members with truly exceptional service and we understand that an exceptional experience is not a goal, it’s an ongoing process.



Sky's primary purpose is to bring balance to people with hectic lives through our “Circle of Success”.  



We often hear from members that Sky has a certain “vibe”. Some say it’s the cleanliness; some say it’s the welcoming face at the front desk; some say it’s the group fitness teacher that’s gone the extra mile to make a newcomer feel welcomed. Whatever creates the service “vibe” for you, we want you to know the level of importance that we place on it every single day.



Your Exceptional Experience Awaits.