A few more Frequently Asked Questions about sky180º...



Sky180° is Sky's signature 4-week weight loss program!  Meal plans, motivational & educational emails, trainer-led workouts and additional weight loss resources add up to a great opportunity to lose weight when most are gaining. Sessions will be fun and challenging as you work out along with your peers who are striving to achieve the same goal – permanent weight loss!

This signature weight loss program is only available a few times a year. Usually the only way to try it out is to join. This time we’re offering some Sky180 sneak peek classes to give everyone a chance to experience the program and learn some more information from one of our Private Trainers. Be sure to check our Group Fitness schedule for those classes at each location.

Not at all! Everyone has different fitness and nutrition habits. Everyone starts somewhere so regardless of workout experience, if you want to lose weight, Sky180 is the right program for you.

Fun, challenging, educational and results inspired! No wasting time here, this is all about weight loss success. The sessions are instructive, interactive, challenging and often fast paced.

If you know or have seen the trainer you want to work with, it’s as simple as checking the available times online.  If you aren’t sure who would be right for you, we make that simple, too!  All you need to do is talk with a Membership Concierge or Fitness Manager at any of our three Sky locations to help you determine the right trainer for you.  We’ll help you find the right person and the right time for your success.

Along with the 12 sessions with trainer, the meal plans, and the email guidance, there will also be a few surprises along the way.  

Obviously, results vary by participant.  With focus and commitment to the program, participants can expect to lose between 5% - 10% of their total weight. 

The meal plan is very comprehensive, but we understand the effects of every day life.  We offer substitutions when prepping your food and even options if you eat out at a restaurant.  If you have dietary restrictions, let your trainer know and we’ll be happy to help modify the plans for you, as well.

You don’t have to actually log your food but it is encouraged.  This information will help you and your trainer see what is and what is not working.  Because of the number of food log apps available, we don’t make any single one required.  If you aren’t sure which program is best for you, your trainer will be happy to recommend one. 

Caffeine is allowed in the dietary outline since it is typically non-caloric.  Because of this, we don’t worry too much about it with the meal plan.  Alcohol, on the other hand, is filled with calories so moderation is a must if you choose to add that.  The biggest concern is that both promote dehydration which works against fat loss. 


Since every person is different, we don’t prescribe specific supplements to all participants.  If you feel like you need extra help, please see your trainer for their individualized recommendation.

The only reason you will need anything from your doctor is if there is something we need to know.  Our trainers will help modify all exercises in order to make sure they fit your fitness level.

While you are able to sign up early the program won’t start until October 28, 2019.  We strongly encourage you to talk with your trainer before the program starts in order to get you meal plans for shopping.  If you don’t hear from them via email with 48 hours of registering, please let us know at [email protected]

Trainers are invested in your success, so they want to make sure to help any way they can.  Every trainer will provide their email, and most will encourage texting, as well.  The most important thing to remember is to over-communicate with your trainer.  Have a question? ASK IT!  We’re here to help.