A few Frequently Asked Questions about Bombshell...

BOMBSHELL is a four week, small-group female physique transformation program that focuses on developing a lean, firm body through intelligent training and regimented eating. The program meets 3 times weekly and provides individuals with personalized instruction from a Certified Private Trainer. You will also be assigned 3 workouts per week you will need to do on your own. 


Sessions will be challenging and fun as you work out along side your peers who are striving to achieve the same goal – a BOMBSHELL body!

This is a body transformation program.  It has both a fitness and nutrition component for long term success but is designed to build lean muscle mass and shape your body over 4 weeks.  The goal of participants is to lose body fat and develop strong, long and lean feminine muscle.  While it is entirely possible you will lose weight because of the program, it is not what Sky would consider a "weight loss" program.

Each group will meet three predetermined times per week for four weeks starting the week of February 10th, 2020.

With options of trainers, locations, and times, it's completely up to you and your preferences.  The way the program is structured, trainer workouts will be unique...but similar.  If there is a certain type of trainer you're looking for or a specific group to meet your schedule, simply let us know at [email protected].  If you're at Sky, one of our Membership Concierges will be happy to assist.  

You can see a full list of trainers, times, and locations beginning Monday, January 27th, on the registration form.

Once you're able to see those, you can register immediately.

$288 is the cost (plus tax).  No matter when you sign up, your credit card on file will not be charged until the program begins on Monday, February 10th, 2020.  If you'd like to make other payment arrangements, just let us know.

The workouts are created so that they can be modified by the trainer for each person in the group. We understand that everyone is in different stages of their fitness journey so don't be nervous.  All we ask is that you are physically able to exercise and have the desire to make changes.  After that, we'll lead the way...

While there will not be a maximum number of participants, on average the groups have between 3 and 9.

Important Note: The minimum participation for each group is 3 – if the minimum participation is not met, members will be informed and may choose to switch to another time slot or cancel their registration.

Yes, if necessary, we will allow someone to join a group during the first week if spots are still available. However, no one will be allowed to join once the 2nd week (February 17th, 2020) has started.  Please direct any questions regarding this to Danny Stephens, Sky's Fitness Services Director.

Yes. If you know someone who is interested, please have them contact us and we'll be happy to help them.

The price for a non-member participant is $ 345 plus tax.

Anyone at Sky should be able to help you out but if you have specific, fitness-related questions, please feel free to contact any of the following:

BOMBSHELL is not your traditional training program. It is extremely focused and the training is geared for change. BOMBSHELL is for women who are ready to make a significant change to their bodies.