Motivation, accountability and expert instruction are the calling cards of Sky’s Private Training program. First we will help you connect with your ideal fitness professional, then your Sky Private Trainer will expertly guide your fitness process to any degree that you request.


Whether you want a data-driven, comprehensive fitness program or simply to have a great workout and a sense of accomplishment, Sky provides the skilled talent and the menu of fitness training options to meet any need, any goal, any budget.

Type of Training Cost Sessions Total
Private 1 on 1: Single Session $72 1 $72
Private 1 on 1: Eight Sessions $69 8 $552
Private 1 on 1: Twenty Sessions $65 20 $1300
Small Group: Eight Sessions $35 8 $280
Small Group: Twenty Sessions $32 20 $640
Pilates Small Group: Eight Sessions $25 8 $200
Pilates Small Group: Twenty Sessions $22 20 $440