A few more Frequently Asked Questions about sky180º: Natural...


What is Sky180: Natural?

Sky180° Natural is variation of our exclusive 6-week small group weight loss program focusing on natural nutrition, movements and lifestyle habits! Meal plans, motivational & educational emails, trainer-led workouts and additional weight loss resources add up to a great opportunity to lose weight when most are gaining. Sessions will be fun and challenging as you work out along with your peers who are striving to achieve the same goal – permanent natural weight loss!


I’m nervous and unsure about this. Why should I do Sky180: Natural?

You can do anything for 6 weeks. If that “anything” is losing weight and looking incredible, then even better! Because positive change comes when we hold ourselves accountable to positive processes.


I’ve never tried anything like this before. Can I try it out first?

This 6-week weight loss program is only available twice a year, usually the only way to try it out is to join. This time we’re offering some Sky180: Natural sneak peek classes to give everyone a chance to experience the program and learn some more information from one of our Private Trainers. Be sure to check our Groupex schedule for those classes at each location.


I’m still not sure about this. Will everyone in the group be in better shape than me?

Not at all! Everyone has different fitness and nutrition habits. Everyone starts somewhere so regardless of workout experience, if you want to lose weight naturally, Sky180: Natural is the right program for you.


What will training in a Sky180° group be like?

Fun, challenging, educational and results inspired! No wasting time here, this is all about weight loss success. The sessions are instructive, interactive, challenging and often fast paced.


How do I choose the right trainer for me?

Talk with a Membership Concierge or Fitness Manager at any of our three Sky locations to help you determine the right trainer for you.


Can someone join the program after it has started?

Yes, during the first week. No one will be allowed to join once the 2nd week (August 28th) has started. Sign-up early for best group availability.


Will there be prizes?

There will be final program prizes for the top female, male and team. All prizes will be awarded on % of body weight lost.


What else should I know?

Sky180: Natural will help you eliminate processed foods and supplements while promoting quality whole food choices, movements and recovery methods so you see the best weight loss possible over 6 weeks. Come ready to train smart, eat well and lose weight!